Feeding the World PIE

––Physically, Intellectually and Emotionally

Our Dairy Cows

Dairy farming is more than just a job for us. Dairy farming is our heritage, tradition, calling, service, therapy and mission. Dairy farming is our life. 

Every day we spend more than 16 hours caring for our cows. That is why we work hard to sustain and improve the herd's genetics in longevity, strength, milk production and butterfat. 

Rosenbohm Dutcho Hallie was our first Holstein to win Grand Champion Holstein at the Illinois State Fair. She produced 12 daughters who were competitive in milk production as well as in the showring.

Lilly Hills Seryl was our first Brown Swiss to be awarded Grand Champion Brown Swiss at the Illinois State Fair. At the age of 13 years, she has produced only one daughter who is following in her footsteps as a high producer with excellent dairy character.

Both Hallie and Seryl have been influential in our herd as show cows and milk producers, meeting our goal as dairy farmers. 

Whether we are competing in the show arena or keeping the cows home to milk, our goal is to breed beautiful cows who are high producers in milk, butterfat and protein and live a long life.