Milk and Dairy Products

We sell our milk to Prairie Farms Dairy–– a Co-op owned by dairy farmers. Our milk is used as fluid milk (not cheese or ice cream) and is processed at the facility on University St., Peoria.

Due to our contract with the dairy, we cannot sell raw milk. However, if you buy Prairie Farms milk, then you are drinking the milk from our cows.

Farm Eggs

We raise around 60 hens for our enjoyment. And sell the extra eggs on a first-come, first-serve basis. Give us a call if you'd like to purchase a dozen.

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We raise Corriedale and California Varigated Mutant (CVM) sheep for their wool... And fun!

We have raw fleeces and rovings available in white, chocolate and oatmeal colors.

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Beef and Pork

All of our dairy beef is born and raised on our farm and fed corn and hay grown on our farm. We are limited to a small amount of dairy beef, due to our primary focus on milking cows. Therefore it is best to contact us if you would like to reserve a side of beef or request a specific cut.

Every year we raise a few pigs for pork. If you would like us to call you when we have pork ready, contact us today.

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